Propuesta De Aplicación De Un Instrumento De Medición De Cargas De Trabajo De Enfermería En Una Unidad De Cuidados Intensivos, Proposed Application Of An Instrument For Measuring Nursing Workload In Intensive Care Unit.
Hellín Gil, Mª Fuensanta; López Montesinos, Mª José

The current demographic situation characterized by strong economic crisis affects all sectors including, of course, the health sector. In health management, we should highlight the problem related to the allocation and distribution of nurses in different hospital units, as well as the adequacy of nurse-patient ratio as needed in nursing care that patients require. We present the proposal of implementation of a tool for measuring nursing workload, that allows the adaptation of nurse-patient ratio to nursing workloads, with the aim of providing a focus on the patient and quality adjusted economically. Methodology: bibliographic-documental study, analytical-descriptive and incidental study about the subject under study. Identification and proposed application of an instrument for measuring nursing workload in intensive care unit. Results: After bibliografphic analysis of different measurement tools, the NAS scale is analysed and adapted as a tool for assessing the daily activity of nurses in this unit. Conclusions: the scale for measuring NAS workloads, as a management tool, and evaluation of nurse-patient ratio is selected.

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