Multisim تصمیممختبرافتراضي فیتدریس تجارب مقررالدوائرالكھربائیةباستخدام برنامج Design Virtual Laboratory in teaching Experiences of Electricity Circuits Course using Multisim Software
د. عبدالرازقعوضالسیدإدریسسلیمان ,د. عمرعبدالكافﯨمجذوبمحمدعلى
This study aimed to design, testing and implementing a hypothetical interactive program on the principles electricity (Ohm’s Law - Self-inductance - AC Circuit - Resonance Circuit- Kirchhoff's Rules - Magnetic field of coils - Wheatstone Bridge) more like the original laboratory experiments in the Acquisition skills practical circuit for the students of Department of Physics, Faculty of Science and Arts, University of Bisha using MultiSim Software, also aimed at improving electricity experiments by hypothetical ones because finding the electronic cut a large number of students is in impossible, but it's easy for us to have more than a hypothetical program running at the same time.The study resulted in: The values calculated by the hypothetical program was more accuracy then the traditional calculations, in additional to the speed of implementing the circuit. The researchers recommended that it is a necessity to use the hypothetical suggested laboratories to improve the concepts concersing this course. The findings are to be generazied to cover other universities to be checked and experimented.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/imjcr.v4n1a8