L’agriculture Peut-Elle Etre Un Levier De La Diversification De L’économie Au Congo Brazzaville ?
Moyo Nzololo

The Congolese agriculture is still fragile on the ground that it is based on traditional and modern sectors that are facing enduring difficulties, despite the will of authorities for the diversification of the economy. The 2014 - 2017 agriculture general inventory in the twelve departments of the country has provided an important amount of information from which we have elaborated a data table through main components analysis. Three determinants of the Congolese agriculture have been identified: an overall agricultural factor, an agribusiness factor and an agricultural modernity factor. Typologies of departments in the main plan - made up of the first two factors - have made it possible to detect departments wherein agricultural activities can have better prospects. The modernity factor enabled the exploration of challenges to be faced by the Congolese agriculture in order not only to become effective in terms of food sufficiency, but also to face globalization.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/imjcr.v5n2a1