Análisis De Las Necesidades De Información De Los Estudiantes De La Carrera De Ingeniería Agronómica De La Universidad Técnica De Manabí, Respecto Al Rediseño Curricular.
Mg.Eddi Armando Moreira Ponce, Karen Yanira Prias Gutiérrez

The objective of this work of an analysis of information of the career of Agronomic Engineering of the Technical University of Manabí, with respect to the curricular redesign. A descriptive study was carried out, using the method of documentary analysis for the bibliographic review and the historical-logical method in the exposition of the criteria of authors. Likewise, the survey was used to 120 students and graduates of the degree in Agronomy Engineering. The results obtained emphasize the need for up-to-date academic information that is in line with the new curriculum of Agronomic Engineering, facilitating the teaching-learning process of students, teachers and the student community.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/imjcr.v5n2a2