The Reflective Teacher and the Student as a Learning Opportunity
Karla Del Carpio

This article aims to promotereflection on the art of teaching and what such a profession implies. The need to have teachers who constantly reflect on their own teaching practice as well as on the environment they create in the classroomare highlighted. The purpose of doing so, is to improve quality education and the promotion of an inclusive classroom. Also, it is emphasized that the instructor’s teaching style and the atmosphere in the classroom are very important since they both have a significant impact on students’ affective filter. In other words, the instructor’s teaching style and the classroom ambiance can determine whetheror notstudents welcome the information they are given. It is underlined that there is an urgent need to promote inclusive classrooms where students feel respected, validated and motivated which can be done through the use of group activities that show that all members of the group can contribute and that their difficulties are challenges or opportunities for the teacher. At the same time, it is emphasized that teamwork is important not only for students but also for teachers becausethis type of collaborative work offers benefits to both of them. It is concluded that teaching is a complex, but enriching task that allows for both constant professional and personal development.

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/imjcr.v7n1a1