Map of ChineseMedicine Under Yin Yang Theory
Lim Sau Kong

This article uses the samelogicalmannerfound in the publishedthesis "Map of Physicsunder Yin Yang Theory" to construct the map of Chinesemedicine. First, describes the primaryphenomenon of life indeedis a physicalphenomenonwhichis the flow of Qi in the meridians of the human body. Thenextend the perspectives of phenomena of life to second-level: the flow of the "five elements" (the five energy transmission systems of the human body), while the "essence" is the basic substance for maintaining the five elements. Furtherextend the established perspectives willresult in a third-level of phenomenon of life. That is, the activities of Qi and the five elements are subjected to change (water) by the surroundingenvironment (wind).

Full Text: PDF     DOI: 10.15640/imjcr.v9n2a1